Member Stories: 90+ Club – Florence Slavick

90+ Club - Florence Slavick

When it comes to living a long life, one can assume that eating healthy and remaining active are the two key ingredients, but after talking to a few of our 90-year-old members, there seems to be a third very important ingredient: having positive relationships. See how Florence Slavick utilizes the clubs and finds a strong sense of community at Elite Sports Clubs.

Water Aerobics, Coffee, and Friends

Ever since Florence Slavick joined the club 12 years ago, it has helped her tremendously as her body started to age. But the social aspect of the club is the main reason she has remained a loyal member. Four to five times a week, Florence comes to the club for water aerobics. Along with the benefits of working out in water, the water aerobics class she attends is full of special members that she doesn’t think can be found anywhere else.

When most of your friends are gone, it can be hard to find a new group of friends that are the same age as you, but Elite has helped Florence find a special group of people. Some days, after water aerobics, they play cards and other days they simply sit together in the lobby and have a cup of coffee while they chat. It’s no secret that they all care about each other and want to know what is happening in each other’s lives. Florence holds the relationships she has made at the club near and dear to her heart. From the relatable members, to the competent staff, Florence has found a strong sense of community at Elite.

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