Elite Instructor Highlight: Matt Bartz

Elite Instructor Highlight: Matt Bartz

Today you’ll get to meet another great instructor and staff person from Elite Sports Clubs. Take a few minutes and get to know Matt Bartz of our Elite Sports Club – River Glen club location.

Matt Bartz currently teaches HIIT and Core class​, and has been teaching group exercise classes on and off for 15 years (the last 3 years being with Elite Sports Clubs). Matt wanted to start teaching group exercise because he genuinely enjoys working with people.

Matt’s favorite part about teaching his classes are all of the smiling faces and personalities in the class. He also feels that he gets back just as much as he gives and really loves all of the truly nice people.​

His favorite song or style of music to teach to is 90’s, Pop, Country​, and general uptempo music. When asked what his favorite exercise to do in his classes, Matt Bartz said, “I like Isometric abdominal exercises as I can see their determination!​”

Matt Bartz is very active on his own outside of classes too. He runs trail ultramarathons and weight trains at Elite. In his free time he also loves to spend time with his wife and two year old daughter.

When asked what advice he gives people who are coming into classes for the first time, Matt said to pay attention to the exercise modifications. It is much better to start off a little less intense and progress as your body adjusts and adapts.

Some personal advice Matt Bartz tends to give to someone who is looking to get to a healthier point in their life is:

“​Everyone exercising​ and pursuing health​ is engaging in a process. It’s important to be realistic and smart ​as you begin to engage in this process​. Consistency from day to day is the KEY.​”

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