Staff Highlight: Mary Bronek

Staff Highlight - Mary Bronek

Mary Bronek knows a thing or two about kids. As the Playroom and Kids Activities Director at Elite Sports Club – River Glen, she oversees everything from the everyday schedule of the playroom to birthday parties and the very popular Fright Night, held every year in October. She also has three children of her own, two of which have grown up in the playroom at Elite River Glen.  

Meet Mary Bronek:

Mary Bronek is definitely one of Elite’s shining stars in our Kids program! Her calming and kind demeanor helps to ensure a positive experience for both kids and parents alike!

What made you want to work in childcare and/or for Elite?

In 2002, when I had my third child, I was looking to work outside the house, and my friend that was a member of Le Club told me they were looking for someone in childcare. I was hired part-time and I was able to bring my 2 younger kids to work with me, while my oldest was in school.  That really saved on daycare expenses! And I’ve been here ever since!

What are the highlights of your job?

The highlights of my job are seeing the little faces of the kids every day, and watching them grow and learn as individuals.

Tell us about some of the activities in the Playroom that are done on a daily basis.

We have activities such as Toddler Tennis, where we will blow up balloons and give each child their own balloon to hit around the room; Dance Party, where the kids can dress up and dance to a variety of kids music; Story Time, where the kids get to listen to a story during snack time; and Arts & Crafts, where the kids are able to make a craft to take home.  We also have lots of Board Games that the kids like to play with each other!

What are some activities in the playroom that promote a healthy and active lifestyle for kids?

Our Dance Party gets the kids movin’ and groovin’ and promotes an active lifestyle! Chasing around balloons or foam balls is also a way of keeping the kids active.

What are some common concerns that you find parents new to Elite’s Playroom have?

The biggest concern is “what if my child cries for me?” Rest assured that we will try a variety of things to make your child feel safe and comfortable in our playroom. For example, building with blocks or playing with a baby doll and stroller are a couple of ways to occupy the child that is “missing mom.” We also have the “magic” stroller.

Any advice for parents who are leaving their children for the first time for a smoother transition?

The best way to make a smooth transition, is to not come in the room with your child and hang around, but to drop your child off and quickly, but quietly leave. The less time the parent spends dropping off their child, the smoother the transition.

What is your favorite healthy activity to do in your spare time?

My favorite activity to do in my spare time is to take a long, brisk walk outdoors.

Tell us about your favorite Playroom or Elite kids event memory.

My favorite Kids Event is having Fright Night every year! It’s the best Halloween party and I’ve been in charge of it for the past 6 years! Members and non-members welcome! Come check it out!

Thank you so much, Mary Bronek for sharing your insight about what the Elite River Glen playroom has to offer! Elite River Glen is getting a major makeover and a brand new play area for your kids is part of the plan! Stay tuned for updates and pictures!

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