Lessons: A Foundation for the Future

Lessons - A Foundation for the Future

With structured and focused instruction, lessons can be a gateway to a new hobby for kids, and can also lay the groundwork for life-long skills. Here are some positive results from taking lessons early on.

You Never Know Unless You Try

Without trying it, children don’t know whether or not they have the gift or passion for an activity. It’s only by dedicating time and energy during lessons that those benefits can present themselves. Any chance to instruct a child and devote time to lessons is an opportunity for something great to happen and a skill to be nurtured. Try introducing your kids to a variety of activities while they’re still young to allow them to decide what they like. For example, tennis lessons are a great opportunity to introduce them to the sport. Swimming lessons, although important for water safety, could potentially lead to a path to competitive swimming.

Physical Benefits

Consistent sports and recreational activities through lessons can increase coordination, reflexes, and overall health. Without suggesting exercise verbatim, lessons are a great way to get children up and moving. Children also thrive on repetition, so the detailed instruction of lessons in sports like soccer or tennis will help them learn the proper skills more so than just random pick-up games.

Creating a Sense of Teamwork and Independence

Whether lessons are in a group or one-on-one, children can experience the benefits of learning a new skill solo or with others. In a group setting, children are surrounded by peers and instructors that encourage kids as they learn. A sense of community is created, even within a short session, that bolsters a child’s confidence. This is crucial especially if what they’re learning may have been originally a little scary for them.

Something They’ll Remember Forever

You know the old adage about never forgetting how to ride a bike? It’s extremely rare for anyone to completely lose the talent and ability for something they dedicated so much time to. Whether or not they become the next tennis star or Olympic swimmer, they have the potential to teach others down the line, as well as enjoy the fun and growth that comes with mastering a skill.

Parents Can’t Do It All

While children learn so much from their parents – and despite moms and dads being able to be great coaches – it’s important to recognize that some parents may not be great teachers. For a child to get dedicated lessons and instruction from a certified or passionate leader, it makes all the difference. Setting specific times and locations for lessons, away from the home, will put kids in the right state of mind for focus and learning.

Lessons at Elite Sports Clubs

Elite offers a wide variety of lessons for your kids to get active. Visit www.eliteclubs.com to find some for your kids to try! Here are some of the offerings we have available:

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