4 Ways to Take a Leap This Year

It’s still early in the year which means you still have plenty of time to get started with some of those new year’s resolutions. But…do you really?

Oftentimes people like to put things on the back burner because, “there’s still time.” But then all of a sudden December rolls around again…is there still time?

This February is playing host to a leap day—a whole bonus day to do whatever. So why not take a little risk and try something new? Here are a few ideas to start with.

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1. Take a Fitness Class

Spinning, Zumba, HIIT, Pilates, Yoga, there are so many choices! Swap out your usual treadmill session with a fun new workout class. A list of the classes you can enjoy at Elite can be found here.

2. Take A Cooking Class/Try New Recipes

Looking to eat a little healthier? Might as well do it with some flair! Try out a cooking class or try out some new healthy recipes. Spicing it up (pun intended) in the kitchen is a good way to bring a little bit of excitement into your day. Plus if you’re making nutritious meals, double win! If you want to check out some good recipes check out our blog on healthy meals for two!

3. Join an After Work Group

Is a local bar doing trivia night? Maybe there’s a bags league in your neighborhood or maybe you can join a tennis league? Joining a group and having a little something to do during the week can lower stress and give you something to look forward to each week. It also keeps a consistent social event in your life to make and nurture new relationships.

4. Branch Out at Work or Volunteer

Are you looking to add just a little bit more substance to your work life? Maybe you feel like it’s time to try something new? Take on a new project at work or speak your mind about an idea you have for a company. If you find yourself already in the perfect work situation then maybe get out and volunteer! There are lots of great organizations that are always looking for people to help. Plus, helping others always makes you feel good.

So what are you waiting for? Get involved while you still have the time. Go ahead and take that leap, you never know where you’ll land.

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