Happiness Is Key To Success

Happiness Is Key To Success

Whether you’re at work, at home, or at the gym, you want to be productive. From getting a huge project done, getting a huge load of laundry done, or finally running 3 straight miles, a certain level of drive and dedication is needed to get the job done. And happiness can help you.

A recent study by employment consultants Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton has proven that happy and satisfied employees perform better at work. In order to determine exactly what a happy employee looked like, they used the E+E+E test.

E+ E+ E = Engaged. Enabled. Energized.

Engaged: willing to put in the extra effort

Enabled: your environment supports your willingness and productivity

Energized: feeling a sense of well-being and drive

So, when you create a ‘happy’ workplace by ensuring your employees feel safe and are offered the support and necessities for providing good work, you end up with a group of people who are driven to reach success and are willing to go the extra mile to do so.

The same principles apply to home and the gym. When we create a positive environment, we are more likely to see positive results. Some ways to implement changes around the workplace, home, and gym are…

1. Show Appreciation

When your husband FINALLY puts his dirty clothes into the washer, don’t hit him with the ‘was that really SO hard Jim?’ Instead try a nice, ‘thank you’ or ‘I really appreciate when you help out.’

Maybe your wife FINALLY changed the oil in her car. Instead of hitting her with the ‘took you long enough Jan’ you can say, ‘nice job’ and proceed to binge watch HGTV together, because that’s what married people do.

2. Listen To Everyone’s Ideas

Bob’s last idea for a flyer for your company was black font on a black piece of paper. Do you really want to listen to Bob’s next Kanye West-esque idea? Probably not. But you should—Bob may have crazy ideas but he works hard. Giving him the opportunity to be heard is important for his work ethic and morale, plus you never know when a crazy idea might be just what you need.

3. Motivate

You have 5 minutes left of your cycling class, Judy starts talking about how she’s tired and wants to quit. Don’t indulge Judy, tell Judy to keep it up, she’s almost there, and that Jamba Juice will taste so much better if she pushes through. Encouraging and motivating others when the going gets tough not only creates a positive environment but also a positive bond. And trust is vital in any relationship or place.

4. Engage in Random Acts of Kindness

Leave a nice note for your kid in their lunch box, run to the post office for a coworker, run an errand for your spouse. It doesn’t have to be something major, any kind of small random act of kindness is good for morale. Plus, someone may do a small favor for you in order to pay it forward.

So what’re you waiting for? Go out there and get engaged, enabled, and energized!

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