The Future of Fitness on Your Wallet

The Future of Fitness on Your Wallet

Spaceships, hover boards, and the iPhone 7 are hard on the wallet. But something else that can get pricey is your fitness routine.

Right now, boutique studio classes are all the rage. Some people love Zumba, a fun class that uses dance to get in shape. Another popular class is barre, which is a toning class that uses principles from ballet. Yoga is also a crowd favorite with variations that can include meditation and even heat. Some celebs even endorse cardio workouts with virtual instructors.

While these are all amazing classes, they all pack a financial punch. These types of boutique classes get really expensive really fast. Often times they run around $15-$20 per class. If you go to class just twice a week, that’s upwards of $40/week. In a 5 week month that’s $200 per month for 10 classes for just ONE person. Talk about not getting much of a bang for your buck.

Plus, that’s just for one type of class two times a week. What if you want to try something new? There’s another $15-$20. What if you want to get in a workout everyday? Well now that’s at least $100/week.

While the future of fitness may lie in fun individual and focused classes, that doesn’t mean that you have to join a ton of different studios. Health clubs much like Elite, offer all kinds of amenities and classes that can be used at any time. One day you may take a yoga class, the next give spinning a try. Perhaps you’d like to to pick up swimming or tennis. That’s the beauty of joining a club.

Not to mention it’s great for the family. You like barre, the spouse wants a personal trainer, and the kids want to play basketball. No problem! There’s something for everyone.

Have a hectic schedule? Clubs like Elite have awesome hours to make sure you can get your workout in, on your schedule. There’s also a variety of classes throughout the day and week for you to chose a time that works.

So, while the cost of a club might seem a bit hard on the wallet, think of the cost of the classes you could take elsewhere. And if you only get in a couple times a week, think of the cost of your health. After all, isn’t your future rooted in keeping yourself healthy?

For a full list of included classes offered at Elite, you can check them out here!

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