All in the Family Nutrition Program

Rita Larsen is Elite Sports Clubs’ Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist who developed a program for Elite called ‘All in the Family’. In the video clip below Rita talks about this family nutrition program and a few tips on how you can improve eating as a family.

All in the Family Nutrition

This unique program offered at Elite Sports Clubs provides all of the tools that it takes to create a successful and personalized nutrition system for your whole family. Calories are calculated specifically for each individual family member’s needs. Also included, are easy-to-follow meals and tasty recipes to compliment your personal eating style. Discuss with Rita Larsen the most nutritious food choices for snacks, lunches, and dinners all healthy food choices while directing your own weight loss program.

If you sign up for this program, you will meet with Rita as a family to set up goals. Rita believes in setting goals together so that everyone can support each other towards the goal.

Tips for Eating as a Family

  1. Simple is best
  2. Sit down and eat TOGETHER
  3. Plan means ahead
  4. Prepare meals over the weekend
    • be a little ahead of yourself, this allows you to maintain a healthy eating style without stressing out daily if you have time to make something
  5. Get the whole family involved in the cooking process
    • Let them watch you cook and explain to them what you are doing
    • Let them help. Give your child a simple to task to do: for example you could ask a toddler to grab you something from the pantry or for an older child you could ask them to help you chop up the vegetables.
    • teach them about the food and its nutritional value
  6. Remain positive! You do not want your children to fear new foods or be afraid
  7. Be the example! Your kids are watching you so set the right example

The psychology of food

Create a positive image behind food.Make sure you are enjoying what you are not only eating but cooking as well. What is best for you is not what is best for the person standing next to you. So do what is best for you and do it your best.

No parents is every going to make the perfect dinner every night for their family and that is perfectly normal. Remember, cooking dinner is not like what is portrayed on the cooking shows. It is okay to cook simple easy meals for your family.

…..and just like mind over matter it’s mind over food. You’re in control of that is served everyday. You are what you put in your body so make it something good.

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