Member Stories: Becky Wiegand "Elite Has Changed My Life!"

Member Stories Becky Wiegand - Elite Has Changed My Life

We’re extremely proud of our members. Over the years their workout agendas and sporting endeavors serve as healthy examples of how it feels to be “Elite,” and how exercise not only adds years to your life but, life to your years! Today we’d like to highlight another member’s experience: 

My name is Becky Wiegand and I have been an Elite member since January of 2017. My husband Bob and I live in New Berlin and we have two young kids, Leona (3-1/2) and Lincoln (20 months). Elite has changed my life!

Meet Becky Wiegand & Her Family:

After 2 children I just didn’t feel like myself anymore. I also wasn’t doing much for myself in between full-time work, the kids, my husband and regular household chores.  Bob was always trying to get me to do something for myself but I didn’t feel like I had the time.

In December of last year, Bob gave me the best birthday present a girl could ask for—a 6-week trial membership to Elite which included entry into The Wellness & Lifestyle Challenge. His main objective was to get me into tennis lessons, something I have always wanted to do.

Leading up to the challenge start date I told many people about my gift and many were shocked in a, “is your husband trying to tell you to lose weight?” sorta way. I was excited though and also incredibly nervous; how will I fit it in, will I make the most of the money he spent, what will I do with the kids? etc.

Health and fitness have always been a part of my life in varying degrees. I ran track and cross country in high school, took group exercise and played intramural sports in college. While living in Madison after college, I belonged to a gym, worked with a personal trainer, and took Les Mills Body Pump weekly.

Becky’s Experience at Elite:

Fast forward to 2016, trying to balance work, home and children, my exercise routine consisted of (maybe) a 20-minute video a few times a week. It just wasn’t enough for a post-partum mom. Nervously, I went to the introduction night and met my team and coach. I was a bit overwhelmed by all of the different offerings. This was a lot more than just beginner tennis! I was committed to getting the most out of my membership. So, I immediately signed myself up for all 6 weeks of beginner tennis, twice per week and promised to show up once or twice per week on other occasions. The six weeks of the challenge were so much fun! I met so many new people, learned new skills, lost a few pounds and was generally happier and healthier!

Becky Finds a New Passion:

Now I’m at the gym 5 to 6 days per week, taking cycling classes, body pump, BTS, tennis, body attack—you name it! We signed up for a family membership which has only added to the fun. My kids love the playroom and, of course, the outdoor pool. I even joined an USTA summer league, but it doesn’t stop there; materials for the A.C.E. personal trainer certification just arrived at my door. I don’t yet know where this journey will take me but I am hopeful that one day I can share my passion with others.

We’re so proud of Becky Wiegand and happy to be the club where she and her family belongs.

We’d love to hear about how you got started at Elite Sports Clubs, what your experience has been like since you’ve become a member, or just how you’ve become a healthier and happier person!



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