Staff Highlight: Apinya Jordan

Elite Staff Highlight - Apinya Jordan

For anyone who has used the Playroom at Elite North Shore for their children, you know that it is so much more than just a dropping point for your kids to stay while you get in a run. The playroom at North Shore is a place where your children get to learn, grow and thrive in a fun, safe and enriching environment. This is the result, in part, due to the staff who work tirelessly in the playroom. Today I’d like to introduce you to one of them, Apinya Jordan.

In addition to the many Just-for-Kids activities that the club sponsors, (themed parties, classes, special activity camps) the playroom has its own activities each day. I promise you that your child will never be bored here. But more importantly, I promise you, from firsthand experience, your child will always be safe and and cared for in a nurturing and loving environment thanks to people like Apinya Jordan.

My kids have been going to the North Shore Playroom for years and they could not be more different. The six-year-old doesn’t know a stranger and has always been fiercely independent making friends by simply blinking. And the 2-year-old is an entirely different story—still playing catch-up in many areas, he’s shy and at times has a harder time getting to know the other kids.  Yet each day I drop them off here, I am confident that they are in the best of hands with a staff that adores each child and celebrates their strengths in an exciting and healthy environment.

Meet Apinya Jordan:

Apinya Jordan is one of the shining stars of the playroom staff at North Shore.  I’ve known Apinya for almost 7 years.  Two of our kids grew up together and she is the primary reason I was able to get through grad school with an infant.  She loves each child like her own, celebrates their individuality and encourages each child to be their very best.

What made you want to work in childcare and/or for Elite?

Children are precious. I have always worked with kids. I was an elementary teacher in Thailand, so it was natural for me to continue working with kids here.

What are the highlights of your job?

It’s great when a parent will come in and tell me about their kids talking about “Miss Apinya” at home. I take it as a sign that I treat the children well and that they have a good time in the playroom.

Tell us about some of the activities in the Playroom that are done on a daily basis.

Everyday we have snack time at 10:00am. Just before snack, we do a short mindfulness quiet time. This is a little period of meditation practice for the kids. They sit still and quiet, just for a minute or two, but that is enough for a child to get a sense of focus.

We also have a weekly schedule, especially during the school year, with tennis a couple of days, yoga a couple of days, circle time (games, books, music), and show-and-tell on Fridays! Our schedule is a little looser in the summer. We take the kids outside to play when the weather is nice.

What are some activities in the playroom that promote a healthy and active lifestyle for kids?

In the playroom, our mindfulness time is a first step toward a great lifestyle. Many of our activities also are great exercise: tennis, yoga, and outdoor play.

In addition to health and exercise, a lot of what we work on in the playroom is social development. The children are encouraged to share, they are encouraged to help clean up, to be respectful, and take responsibility for their actions.

What are some common concerns that you find parents new to Elite’s Playroom have?

The fears of parents dropping off at the playroom are just like anywhere: They worry their children won’t make friends or won’t play well with the other kids. We work hard to make the children welcome and comfortable. Many of the kids end up as friends for years.

Any advice for parents who are leaving their children for the first time for a smoother transition?

If it is your child’s first or second time with us, make it a short visit, just twenty minutes. Be clear with the child, and say goodbye. Tell them when you will be back. Then make sure you get back on time. If they have a few tears, don’t worry, it is our job to help them.

What is your favorite healthy activity to do in your spare time?

I like to practice meditation and I do Thai traditional dance.

Tell us about your favorite Playroom or Elite kids event memory.

I really like the “Everybody’s Birthday” event. Everyone just enjoys imagining that it is their own special birthday. (It is also a great promotion of some of our different services for children.  Parents and kids get an idea of what the different fun options might be.)

Thanks Apinya Jordan for sharing your passion for children with us in the Elite Sports Club – North Shore playroom!

Leaving your children in the care of someone else can be scary and overwhelming. Even in the best of circumstances, it takes some time and getting used to for both your children, and perhaps even more so for you. But please know from one parent to another, this is a place where your children will thrive and perhaps make memories that will last a lifetime!

Submitted by Susan Madden—Elite Sports Clubs Member, Mom, and Guest Blog Contributor

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