Ways to Take Your Fitness Routine to the Next Level

Ways to Take Your Fitness Routine to the Next Level

Looking for ways to expand upon your current workout regimen, or push yourself beyond your perceived expectations? Here are three great ways to take fitness routine to the next level!

1. Sign Up for an Organized Event

There’s an unmatched feeling of taking your fitness to the next level when you register for an organized event or competition. There is no shortage of events (especially in the Milwaukee area), from manageable 3 and 5K runs to more intense challenges like Tough Mudder and distance events like Ragnar. The excitement of committing to one of these challenges is exciting on its own, but is often eclipsed by the buzz and electricity of other participants and the very scene of it all. A major benefit of registration for a future event is the accountability and discipline required to see your training through to the competition date, which keeps you motivated and focused, and makes crossing the finish line that much sweeter. Any path you choose gives you another reason to set, stick to and accomplish your fitness goals!

2. Try a Timed Challenge

A major downside to setting fitness goals can be the discouraging nature of seeing a long-term plan through, and the toll it takes on your patience. That’s why, in certain cases, it’s nice to switch up your routine by trying a different approach. Week-long or monthly challenges divide up the daunting weeks and months we go through to make attaining a goal not only more manageable, but also allows us to pace ourselves and accomplish smaller goals one day at a time. These challenges are no shortcut, but they are a phenomenal tool to help you focus on attainable short-term goals and even develop new habits for setting greater goals. Pick an area of improvement, and see Elite’s personal trainers or nutrition coaches for suggestions on challenges from a 30-Day Cardio Challenge to a 7-Day Meal Plan and see the results for yourself!

3. Embrace Technology

Our phones are considered a lifeline for many reasons. Considering how they can connect you to so many benchmarks for your health, you might actually consider the term ‟lifeline” quite literal. Most modern smart phones use geo location services and gyroscopes to track everything from your daily steps to your sleep patterns. When combined with some brilliant developer technology, these apps can provide some incredible tools to add a new and exciting dimension to your fitness regimen, while collecting some incredibly detailed data along the way. Check out a breakdown of the Best Fitness and Exercise Apps of 2018 to help take your routine to the next level.

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