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Slow Your Roll: Be Mindful of the Present

Our lives are filled with stressors, including but not limited to work, school, family life, and finances. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and attempt to scramble to get through your seemingly endless daily to-do list. However, slowing down to “smell the roses” may be what you need to lower your stress levels and give you […]

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Small Math to Get You on Track

So you’re looking to lose some weight, tone up a little bit, or cut some of those unhealthy calories from your diet. But at the same time, you work a full time job, you’re a full time parent, and you have to get to the gym for that full hour of cardio or you may […]

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How to Time Hack Your Snacks

Part of the success in planning dietary programs can come from the knowledge of how long foods “last” in the body. Imagine being able to decide what you really need to eat based on the time you have?! And, you can!

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