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Tennis Racquet Restringing: Types of Strings

Has it been awhile since you’ve had your tennis racquet restrung? Just like a car, your tennis racquet requires regular maintenance. You should regularly have your strings and grips replaced if you play frequently. Every tennis racquet is tailored to an individual’s style of play, and restringing is no different. Here are some types of […]

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Post-Match Tennis Recovery: A Guide for the Casual Player

One of the biggest things Elite Sports Clubs focuses on is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While, all sports have their own set of recovery methods, in this article, we focus on tennis recovery. Two of the tennis professionals at the Brookfield location explained the best rehabilitation methods after a tennis match.

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My Child Wants to Play Tennis, Now What?

When your child starts to express an interest in tennis, it may be difficult to figure out where to start, especially if you, the parent, have never played tennis yourself. Here at Elite, we offer a few options for children as young as 3 years old, to ages 10 and up. Check out this video […]

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