Post-Match Tennis Recovery: A Guide for the Casual Player

Post-Match Tennis Recovery

One of the biggest things Elite Sports Clubs focuses on is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While, all sports have their own set of recovery methods, in this article, we focus on tennis recovery. Two of the tennis professionals at the Brookfield location explained the best rehabilitation methods after a tennis match.

Here is an interview conducted with Saulo who also collaborated with Mike, our tennis director at Elite Sports Club – Brookfield.

Post-Match Stretching

  1. What type of stretches would you recommend after a tennis match? Static? Dynamic? One over the other? Both? And why? After a tennis match, I would recommend static stretching to help cool down the muscles by releasing lactic acid built up throughout the match and getting flexibility back. Dynamic stretching should be done prior to a tennis match to prepare/activate the joints and muscles for movement.
  2. What time window would be best for optimizing the effectiveness of stretching? Your warm-up/dynamic stretching should be done within the hour of getting ready to compete. Once the match is over, you should be hydrating and complete a series of static stretches as soon as you can for 5-10 minutes.

Post-Match Drinks and Foods

  1. What are the best drinks to have after a tennis match that would be best for replenishing the body of its lost fluids?

    The best drinks after a match would be water, Pedialyte, Gatorade, and/or nutritional shakes.

  2. What are the best foods to have after a tennis match to help re-energize the body?

    The best foods after a match: bananas, proteins such as chicken/steak/fish, and pasta for carbs.

Post-Match Soreness

  1. If one experiences soreness a day or so after the match, how would you recommend alleviating muscle soreness? Foam roller? Water aerobic recovery exercises? Something else?

    If you are sore a day or so after a match, take a whirlpool for 10 mins and get a good static stretch for 10 mins along with a few minutes of foam rolling.

  2. Many athletes use ice baths as a recovery method. Is this a recovery method you would recommend for casual use? 

    I would definitely recommend an ice bath as a recovery method. The first couple minutes are tough but you will feel a major difference when you step out of the tub. You don’t need any more than 10-12 minutes in the ice.

Personal Tennis Recovery Methods

  1. What is your personal tennis recovery method? Would you recommend this to others?

    I like both the hot tub and ice bath as recovery methods. Both work well and highly recommended. Therefore, make sure you get a head start on the static stretching as soon as your able to after a tennis match. The longer you wait, the longer it’s going to take the lactic acid to get out of your muscles. It’s very important to stay hydrated as well, to keep the fluid in your muscles.

  2. What unique services does Elite offer that can facilitate one’s recovery? 

    Elite offers a bunch of services to facilitate one’s recovery. Participating in any of the yoga/pilates classes will help stretch the muscles on a regular basis. The fitness centers have foam rollers and stretching areas/machines. Swimming will help aid your muscles to recovery. The locker rooms are equipped with whirlpools and steam room/saunas that are great warm places to stretch sore muscles. After you have done all this, schedule a massage and relax all your stress and sore muscles away!

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