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Get the Low Down on Tennis Lingo

What do the words love, ace, carry, and jam have in common? They all have to do with tennis, even though they sound like they actually have nothing to do with tennis. So, if you are new to the sport have no fear, for we are here to decode the slang-filled language that is tennis.

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Post-Match Tennis Recovery: A Guide for the Casual Player

One of the biggest things Elite Sports Clubs focuses on is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While, all sports have their own set of recovery methods, in this article, we focus on tennis recovery. Two of the tennis professionals at the Brookfield location explained the best rehabilitation methods after a tennis match.

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Member Happenings: Amazons vs Big 8 Spring Tennis Match

From left to right, front row: Mary Lacy, Amy Richmond , Betty Van Ert, Barbara Stanley, Pat Lock, and Jo Duckworth. From left to right, back row: Rich Taylor, Bill McCarty, Tom Deming, Paul Geenen, George Stanley, Rik Moe, Kathy Walgrave , Carol Holley, Gerard Fisher, and Greg Wille

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