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What We Can Learn from the Liverpool Soccer Team’s Diet

Rarely do experts say exactly what you need to be eating. Not the case with the popular nutritionist for the Liverpool Soccer Team, Mona Nemmer. Her success with the dietary input of the team has had real results in overall team success. Nemmer runs a team kitchen and requires that players participate in her unique […]

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Simple Steps to Stop Roller Coaster Dieting

It’s a typical pattern: you start dieting, commit to a daily routine of elliptical and weights, maybe join a challenge or a boot camp—but pretty soon, you’re having happy hour Mojitos and nachos at your favorite Mexican restaurant. Oops! The mistake here is a common one—the all or nothing approach. This really doesn’t work long term, […]

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Comparing Popular American Diets

It seems that Americans are either continuing to have diets that are not the healthiest or they are making concerted efforts to eat as healthy a diet as possible. Thus many people are not only trying to eat organic foods, but are actually trying diets like vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, whole foods, or one of […]

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