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Recovery Training Following a Knee Injury

Many people experience knee injuries or knee pain throughout their life for various reasons. Whether you are recovering from a torn ligament, surgery, or tendonitis, getting back into exercise post-injury is essential to help improve strength and stability in the knee and prevent further injury. It is important to ease yourself back into exercises and […]

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Exercise and Care For An Injured Knee or Back

Injuries tend to plague the fitness world. With people injuring or developing bad knees and backs, it is important to know one’s limits and work out appropriately to prevent picking up or worsening an injury. Here are a few tips and exercises to manage injuries to one’s knee or back.

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Superfoods to Maximize Your Recovery After Injury

Experiencing an injury can be devastating, not only physically but also, emotionally.  Injury catches us completely off-guard and can even stop the best of athletes dead in their tracks.  Often, emphasis on recovery is placed on physical therapy, excercises and stretches to help us physically strengthen our bodies.  While all the above is necessary and […]

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