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Balance Your Chakras with Reiki Healing

Are you interested in healing, shifting, and uplifting the way you think and feel? If yes, Reiki healing is for you! Elite Sports Clubs is proud to now offer Reiki healing through our certified practitioner. This simple, yet powerful Eastern healing technique is used to improve health and well-being for both physical and emotional conditions. […]

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Staff Highlight: Tori Seiter

Tori Seiter is an awarded Massage Therapist, Thai Bodyworker, and Certified Health Coach at Elite Sports Clubs. After graduating from the University of Minnesota in Journalism, Tori followed a passion in bodywork. Now a decade later, she understands how lifestyle choices manifest themselves through the body, and that food plus bodywork/movement facilitate the body’s natural ability to […]

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When Mind Over Matter Becomes Dangerous

Picture this, you’re at your top physical game. You’ve just started your freshmen year of college as a Division I swimmer. You’re excited to represent your school and crank out an amazing year. But about a month into your season, you begin to experience back pain. You chalk it up to harder practices, increased muscle, […]

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