Are you interested in healing, shifting, and uplifting the way you think and feel? If yes, Reiki healing is for you! Elite Sports Clubs is proud to now offer Reiki healing through our certified practitioner. This simple, yet powerful Eastern healing technique is used to improve health and well-being for both physical and emotional conditions. Learn more how you can balance your inner chakras with Reiki healing at Elite Sports Clubs.


Reiki is a spiritual healing technique that balances the life force energy in our bodies. It is used to help with a wide variety of illnesses and maladies and can be used in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques. Most people that have undergone Reiki healing have experienced a positive effect. It’s worth noting that Reiki shouldn’t replace what your doctors recommend nor should you change your health regime unless a medical professional tells you otherwise. Reiki healers are not medical doctors. Instead, they are alternative medicinal healers.


Reiki practices originated in Japan in the 1920’s by a Buddhist man named Makao Usui. It is based on the idea that energy flows in all living things, and there is a life force. The word Reiki is actually made up of two Japanese words – Rei, which means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power,” and Ki, which means “life force energy.” So Reiki can be translated to “spiritually guided life force energy.” Reiki does not assume any religious affiliation, so it can be practiced by anyone.


A traditional Reiki treatment is offered in a quiet setting (usually in a therapy room) while you are sitting or lying down, fully clothed. Sessions are typically offered for an hour and three sessions is the standard recommendation, but this is always flexible depending on the client. In addition to the hour session, half-hour and 90-minute sessions are also available. Some people get Reiki done weekly (for example: during very stressful times of their life) for ongoing benefits. Elite Sports Clubs offers this service at all five locations.

A trained Reiki practitioner uses a gentle touch on or just above the body to help guide the flow of energy. Essential oil aromatherapy and crystal work may also be incorporated into ones’ Reiki session.


Reiki treatment increases your supply of life force energy in order to help you heal quickly. By balancing your life force energy, you’ll feel a relaxed, glowing sensation, at peace, and less stressed. This energy flow enhances your body’s own healing mechanisms to function more effectively.

The goal is to balance out one’s chakras, or energy centers within the human body that help to regulate all its processes, from organ function to the immune system as well as emotions. There are 7 chakras positioned throughout your body, from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. Each chakra is depicted through a specific chakra color, and is responsible for certain characteristics, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual.

It’s important to note that there is no timeline when undergoing a Reiki treatment. Results can be felt immediately (mostly the feeling of relaxation and stress reduction) or even years later (such as a personal realization of some kind).


As mentioned earlier, effects may not be felt immediately but almost everyone that undergoes a Reiki treatment will experience at least one of following benefits:

  1.  Reduced stress and relaxation
  2.  Improved mood and reduced depression/anxiety
  3.  Increased mobility in cases of shoulder pain, wrist pain, lower back pain
  4. Reduced pain from migraines, nerve pain, and arthritis
  5. Reduced symptoms of asthma, menopause, and insomnia
  6.  Improves many types of metabolic syndromes (such as blood pressure-related diseases and diabetes)
  7.  Emotional clarity and spiritual growth


Have you been experiencing pain or emotional stress? Give Reiki healing a try!

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