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Why Certain Foods are Considered Just Plain Junk!

The interesting point about many of the 15 foods described below as unhealthy junk foods, is that these are the very foods that many people talk about and enjoy on a regular basis. These are generally “favorites.” In fact, are often talked about in regular advertisements as deliciously fun foods. Here is a look at those […]

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Fast Food Restaurants Now Offering Superfood Sides

In our endless search for good food on the go, one fast food restaurant has come up with a great idea. Chick-fil-A has introduced a new side menu item, superfood kale with broccolini. It is a part of a growing trend of fast food chains that are making savvy decisions to add healthy side dishes for those who want to […]

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Are Fast Food Meal Deals Worth It?

You see them all the time, advertisements for some deal or special at a fast food restaurant. Whether it’s “2 for $2,” or “4 for $4,” or even “5 for $4” it’s easy to wonder if these meals are actually worth the few dollars you’ll spend on them. After all, it’s just a quick lunch or […]

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