Active Play at the Quad

Active Play at the Quad

In a world where technology becomes somewhat of a necessity in a lot of our lives, unfortunately it also becomes a major distraction, especially for kids. Taking breaks from screen time and encouraging active play is essential for the development of young kids. Bringing your kids to the club is a great way for them to have fun and move around. The Quad at Elite-River Glen has plenty of interactive games and areas to do just that!

An Escape for Active Play

There’s no denying technology has made our lives better in terms of work and education, but its ubiquitous nature has taken the place of important aspects in the lives of our youth. Screen time takes away from kids’ active play time. However, Elite is an escape from life’s distractions for people of all ages. Being active produces endorphins, the feel-good chemicals in the brain. The Quad at River Glen, a multipurpose activities campus, offers a number of opportunities for families to be active together. Here are the Quad’s features that promote active play:

1. Space Maze

The Space Maze is Elite’s very own interactive jungle gym. Filled with slides, ramps, and a number of other obstacles, your kids will have a blast navigating through this fun structure!

2. Mini Bowling

Quad Mini Bowling Alley

It’s all the fun of regular bowling but in miniature form! Mini bowling is played with a miniature-sized ball on a narrower lane and smaller pins. Our mini bowling alley features 4 lanes with neon and black lights, which creates a cool-looking “cosmic” atmosphere. Everything is automated so need to set anything up.

3. Time Freak

Time Freak is a competitive race against time to push a series of lights as they light up. Two players enter the control room, one on each side designated by green and red colors. The two players race around the control room trying to push the buttons to score points. The more lights they push in the allotted time, the more points scored. It’s a fun way to be competitive with friends or at a birthday party!

4. Balladium

Balladium is a competitive contest between two teams aiming to hit various targets on a screen with foam ball cannons in a black lit battlefield! The objective is simple: outscore the opposing team by hitting more targets. However, there’s a catch. When you fire the balls at the screen, you’ll have to run and grab additional balls to put into your cannon, thus making it a great form of active play.

The cannons use air to blast the projectiles, which are balls made out of foam for safety reasons. Like Time Freak, Balladium is a fun way to compete against your friends and is great for birthday parties.

5. Arcade

Arcade at the Quad

The latest addition to the Quad, the Arcade offers a wide variety of games and prize machines to interact with. The Arcade is a great way for when kids need a quick breather from running around or moving through the Space Maze. The machines are coin-operated to encourage kids to earn play time by mowing lawns, doing chores, or showing responsible allowance management. Parents will get their fill of nostalgia playing these as well!

6. Basketball and Volleyball

A large portion of the Quad is made up of basketball and volleyball courts. Great for pick-up games or just shooting around, the Quad features one full-length basketball court, 2 smaller basketball courts, and 2 volleyball courts. Even if you don’t have enough players to play a traditional basketball game, you and your kids can always challenge each other to a 3-point shootout or play popular games like H-O-R-S-E.

7. Indoor Soccer

Indoor Soccer

Given that a number of the Elite staff are experienced soccer players (even some professionally in Europe), we have a strong passion for the sport. The Quad’s indoor soccer field provides an opportunity for young kids to play a version of futsal on a smaller field with artificial turf. The field features two goals and walls to keep the ball constantly in play, perfect for 3v3 or 5v5 games. Think that a small field means it’s easy? Think again! Because there are no out-of-bounds, the indoor soccer field creates a fast-paced, non-stop action game for a great aerobic workout that is tons of fun.

As you can see the Quad offers limitless ways for kids and parents to have fun and get moving. Note: the interactive games section of the Quad is only open certain hours of the day, but spaces can be rented out for birthday parties and special events.

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