Challenge Yourself to Better Yourself

Don't limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.

Our lives are busy, which makes it easy for us to overlook the need for growth. When we are comfortable with our lives we tend to take the easy route instead of challenging ourselves to gain more knowledge or a new skill and forget to challenge ourselves. We do not grow when things are easy. When you challenge yourself, you will transform.

The six reasons why you should start challenging yourself today:

  1. To motivate yourself
  2. Opens your mind to new experiences
  3. Lose the fear of the unknown
  4. Helps you establish your priorities
  5. It identifies your personal and professional goals
  6. Leads to new opportunities

Intentional challenges move us forward

Challenges will improve your ability to rise in any situation. This is because it increases your self-belief. When we force ourselves to do something difficult and we finish it, our self-esteem increases. When you start to say “I Can’t,” then you never will. It is important to recognize the power you have to challenge yourself. Challenges teach us to appreciate our strength and courage.

Challenging yourself is necessary for progress. If your goal is to complete a 5K, then challenge yourself to find a workout routine that will prepare you to complete that goal! When preparing yourself to attain your goal, it is important to do more than just the bare minimum. Completing a challenge does not only boost your skills and knowledge, but it also helps grow the belief that you can challenge yourself again.

Challenges only make us stronger

It is always easier to do nothing and to be comfortable with life. Although, choosing the harder choice will leave you feeling more satisfied and confident. Not knowing what you are capable of can hold you back from amazing opportunities. When we challenge ourselves we start to see what we can accomplish and most of the time we are surprised by what we can do. Not knowing what you are capable of will hold you back from what you truly want to achieve.

Get rid of the boredom and challenge yourself!

Here is some further reading to keep things interesting!

Doing the same thing every day and not achieving your goals will create boredom. We live one life and it is necessary for our own mental health that we keep challenging ourselves.  Along with that, you’ll also be happier. When we realize what we are capable of, we believe in ourselves so much more. If you want to create change in your life, create that change by challenging yourself!

Have you recently challenged yourself and found out what you’re capable of? If so, please comment below to share your story!