8 Ways You Can Be Fearless

8 Ways You Can Be Fearless

October is a month commonly associated with Halloween, where everything revolves around horror and fear. Here at Elite Sports Clubs, we’re taking the opposite approach. Use this month to overcome your fears. Here are 8 ways you can be fearless in your social life, fitness routine, or playing tennis.

How You Can Be Fearless

If you have any hesitations to either try something new or really challenge yourself, here are 9 ways to be fearless at the clubs.

Don’t Be Afraid To:

1. Run Fast

Do you stick to the same running routine? It’s easy to get comfortable running the same distance, time, route, or use the same machines. Don’t be afraid to run faster. You might not be able to keep the same pace for very long right away, but over time you’ll increase your stamina and burn more calories faster.

2. Lift Heavy

One of the best ways to get stronger is by pushing the amount of weight you’re lifting or trying simple hacks to increase the intensity of your workouts. Slowly work towards increasing the amount of weight every time you visit the gym. Keep safety in mind, and use a spotter if necessary.

3. Dive In

Don’t overlook the benefits of swimming for exercise. Even if you’ve never swam before, there are plenty of opportunities to learn at any age. It’s a great low-impact aerobic workout with plenty of strokes you can try to suit your preferred style! Elite offers private swim lessons that can help you or your child overcome their fear of water in a safe, one-on-one environment.

4. Try New Things

It’s not easy to break out of your comfort zone. However, you can avoid getting stuck in a rut but trying something new altogether! In order to be fearless, try a new activity, new class, or new sport. You might find enjoyment in something you never thought you would!

5. Go to the Next Level

One of the reasons people lose motivation is because they don’t feel challenged in their current situation. Setting high goals for yourself will give you extra motivation to keep pushing yourself even further. You’ll be more likely to hold yourself accountable and gain a new perspective of your capabilities. When you finally achieve your goals, you’ll be rewarded with feelings of pride and self-confidence.

6. Make New Friends

Elite Sports Clubs isn’t just a fitness facility or tennis club, it’s a social community. There are numerous ways to meet other members: attending a social event, joining a league or tournament, playing other members in tennis, taking a group exercise class, or even having a cup of coffee in the lobby.

7. Find Your Balance

Yoga does take practice to master, but you have to start somewhere! Join a beginner yoga class to learn basic positions. With time, you’ll increase your skills. If you already have some experience, set your sights on some tougher poses. Be fearless in your attempt to master a headstand or the scorpion pose! And guys, yoga isn’t just for women. It’s a great way to help with your balance and increase muscle tone.

8. Switch Up Your Game

Become a versatile tennis player by learning a new grip, new swing type, or different style of play. You’ll become a more unpredictable opponent!

9. Be Yourself

Perhaps the easiest of them all – don’t be afraid to be yourself! Show off your quirky side and be comfortable in your own skin. Let others know what makes you who you are. You’ll likely find others with similar interests and personalities.

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