When’s the Last Time You Tried Something New?

When's the Last Time You Tried Something New?

Joining a new fitness club is always a little daunting. A new building, new people and new equipment can be an overwhelming experience. With the right staff and environment, your experience should be enjoyable and fun!

Elite Sports Club has been the best fitness club experience I have had yet. Every staff member I have been in contact with has been warm and welcoming. My first experience exercising at Elite was absolutely amazing. I went into the day thinking I was going to get lost in the club, be late to my class or the class was going to be really difficult but, man, was I wrong. Elite Sports Club exceeded my expectations by a long shot.

Right when I walked into the main entrance I was greeted immediately by two front desk employees. I didn’t have to ask for anything. They happily asked if I’ve worked out here before and if I needed a tour of the locker rooms or any of the other fitness facilities. It might have been my nervous demeanor that tipped them off. I was particularly nervous because I didn’t know where anything was.

I received a full tour of first, the locker rooms and continued until we arrived at the spot where my class was being held, the gym. It was time for Body Pump. The class looked just about ready to start with everyone facing the instructor with various types of equipment sitting in front of them. I looked around to see where I could grab the same looking equipment as the rest of the class.

A warm, enthusiastic women came up to me and asked if this was my first time in the class. I nodded as I followed her into the room next to us as she grabbed me all the equipment I needed. She set the materials down in a space in front of her so she could help me through the class. Each new step or sequence that was introduced she came over and showed me exactly how to do it and with what size weight I should use. The helpful women is also an instructor of the class a different day of the week so I was getting all the correct technique and information straight from the source.

Everyone seemed open to helping me. After a difficult bench press sequence, the women next to me gave me a look of empathy as she told me not to worry about the first class, because it took her weeks to get that move down. This made me feel right at ease. I was shocked at how friendly and helpful everyone was. I’ve joined a couple gyms in the past and never had such helpful and friendly interactions like those in the months I’ve spend there. And at Elite- I was receiving help within the first five minutes.

The name, Body Pump describes the class perfectly. It targeted my major body parts and defiantly pumped them up. All the movements and sequences done in class was to target a specific muscle all while using different types of weights. The class caters to your own personal fitness needs and goals. While the class does all the same exercises together, everyone has the same weight or resistance to make it as easy or hard as one wants.

Even with my beginner weights on, I got a great weight training workout. My arms felt strong and firm while I was doing each pre-choreographed arm routine. The music accompanied by the movements pumped me up and went along with each move. I could feel the beats of the song as I preformed each squat.

The instructor was easy to follow, even gave me, the new girl, a welcome shoot-out. She was fun and encouraging which made it easy to stay focused. Her enthusiasm was contagious, the whole room was positive and uplifting. I never once looked at the clock in boredom or desperation. I felt so encouraged and liberated by the time class ended.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to take the next class, Kickboxing, or not. I thought I would wait and see how I felt after Body Pump. Since I felt great I was thinking about staying. I bumped into a women getting ready for Kickboxing and I asked her how the class is. She quickly raved about the class and encouraged me to do it. I made my final decision to stay because of the positive words the stranger had to say about it.

She was right, I loved the class. I have never taken a kickboxing class before but it was so easy to pick up. They way the instructor put together her choreography was easy for anyone to follow. Her routines were taught in a “build up” format. For example, if the whole sequence was a (excuse the non-kickboxing terms) kick, two punches, and step, step back kick. We would first do the kick many times in a row then add in the two punches then finally add the step, step back kick. The music was synergized with the beat of our kick and punches. She would also modify the routine to something easier or something harder depending on your fitness level. I was dripping sweat right after the warm-up. I didn’t feel like I was exercising at all. Her routines were in 8-counts, so being a dancer, I felt like I was practicing different dance routines.

The combination of Body Pump and Kickboxing, gave me an excellent workout. I had my strength training with Body Pump followed by cardio with the Kickboxing class. I left Elite that Wednesday morning feeling alive and cheery. I recommend these classes to anyone who wants to sweat and have fun while doing it. I know exactly where I’ll be every Wednesday morning!

Check out our Group Exercise schedule for a Body Pump or Kickboxing class at your club, or find a NEW class to try!

By Alison Wanie, Summer Marketing Intern at Elite Sports Clubs


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