Tennis Pro Highlight: Todd Miller


Todd Miller is a USPTA tennis professional at Elite Sports Club – Mequon and North Shore. He teaches both youth and adult tennis lessons to instill his love of the game to all age groups. Learn more about Todd Miller in this tennis pro highlight!

Meet Todd Miller

  1. What position(s) do you currently hold at Elite and any you have held in the past?

I am a USPTA tennis professional and currently the Director of the 10 and Under tennis program at Elite-Mequon. I also give adult tennis lessons at Elite-North Shore.

  1. How long have you been playing tennis?

I’ve been playing tennis for over 27 years.

  1. What made you want to become a tennis pro?

I wanted to be a guidance counselor or a teacher and always loved tennis and teaching this great sport to others. So I found teaching tennis, especially to children, allowed me to incorporate my three passions into one profession. And I love it!!!

  1. What is your favorite part about your job? About tennis in general?

Tennis is such an amazing sport to play and has taught me many lessons over the years. The ups and the downs have allowed me to face the obstacles life has and continues to present.

  1. What activities do you participate in at the club or outside of the club besides tennis?

I enjoy to play all of the sports I can and poker. Traveling has become my new passion and starting a family is my newest adventure.

  1. How would you encourage someone who is considering tennis for the first time?

It’s all about the mindset you start with. And like anything, you will get out what you put in. It’s an amazing workout and the best part is that it is a life sport where you can always learn new things.

  1. What advice do you give people who are just starting out in tennis?

Believe in yourself and have fun. And don’t be afraid to laugh along the way.

Are you an experienced tennis player? Have you had a tennis lesson with Todd Miller? Tell us about your experience, or perhaps your own personal tennis story!

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