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Brick Workout Training for Triathletes

Have you ever heard someone refer to a brick workout? Not sure what exactly that means, or how to start incorporating it into your triathlon training? Well here’s some background on the brick workout and how to work it into your routine.

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10 Tips for a Triathlon

People everywhere are becoming triathletes, for a variety of reasons: enhanced self-esteem, an end goal to make exercise and fitness more worthwhile, feelings of accomplishment, and group camaraderie. Because of the three-sport format, there are often three times as many questions and three times as much advice on the “best” ways to do one. Below […]

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Back to Work: Tips for a Smooth (and even Joyful) Transition for New Moms

For many women, the only thing scarier than being a first-time Mom is returning to work after a maternity leave that seems more like 6 days rather than the average 6-12 weeks that most new moms are allotted. What should be a precious and important time bonding with your baby, as well as learning about yourself as “mom,” […]

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