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Stop! Wait Just a Minute Before You "Jump In" to a Change

With all the excitement and fun that comes with the New Year, it is not surprising that we will feel the energy and pace of the prospects we are about to face! New beginnings will always be a great opportunity because it is just what we need to leave old behaviors behind and start new, better ones!

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How the "Stages of Change" Affect Goal Planning & Outcome

Researchers who study why some individuals do and some do not accomplish their goals, have a very compelling answer for us. “They are not ready!” As simple an answer as this may be, considerable study at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has shown that individuals go through “stages of change” which, when followed, will […]

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Your Weight Loss Journey: How to Make a Change

There are “Stages of Change” that each person must go through in order to actually do anything new. The Academy of Nutrition has the following listing of processes for every person’s development towards change in behavior: Pre-contemplation: Stage before any thought is given to modify any behaviors. Contemplation: Subject is aware they have a change they […]

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