Stop! Wait Just a Minute Before You "Jump In" to a Change

Stop! Wait Just a Minute Before You “Jump In” to a Change

With all the excitement and fun that comes with the New Year, it is not surprising that we will feel the energy and pace of the prospects we are about to face! New beginnings will always be a great opportunity because it is just what we need to leave old behaviors behind and start new, better ones!

Before you make this move and just jump in, think about what you can do to “think” through and plan just what those changes are going to be. Most of our behaviors are locked away in our subconscious thoughts, allowing us to operate almost on automatic unless we come to something new that requires a change in thought.

It can take awhile to create little changes but they can be very worthwhile and last a lifetime. In previous blogs we have mentioned some of these, “Stages of Change.” Little do we realize that any change for the better requires some serious mental preparation.

Pre-contemplation: We have no idea the need, but it is brewing inside of us; maybe as displeasure, like, “why can’t I be on time ever?”

Contemplation: Ideas begin to emerge with thoughts about what it would take to “be on time.”

Preparation: An actual plan begins to come forward that allows us to think in lofty terms how much we would like the changes to be a part of our everyday life.

Action: Person wakes up in the morning to thoughts about change. They get inspired and begin to actually put themselves in that place where they are doing something successful.

Maintenance: Lastly, we begin to follow through with great clarity, with great intention of this being a permanent change. Alas, we are on the forefront of a new beginning.

Our heads always lead our bodies in all thought and deed. No action will take place until this step is taken. Have faith that great change can come to those that “think first” about what they are doing. With the right motivation, you can make it to the gym every day of the week, and you can learn to eat with greater desire to be the best at nutritional wellness and weight loss than you could ever previously imagine!

Take the time now to do this important step, “think first before you jump!” Much time is still ahead of you for a very successful 2015! Best of luck!

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By Rita Larsen, RDN; Elite Sports Clubs Nutrition Educator & Diet Counselor