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How to Prevent & Treat Common Dance Injuries

Dancers, like any other athlete, put their blood, sweat and tears into their work. Rehearsing for hours and hours to get the choreography just right takes a toll on the body and on the mind. Being informed of the common injuries, how to prevent them and how to treat them when they do arise are all key components to […]

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Are You Overtraining?

There is a malady in exercise that affects new and seasoned exercisers alike. This malady is overtraining and can be harmful for the unsuspecting exerciser. If unrecognized and exercise modification does not occur, overtraining can cause stagnation, decrease in exercise gains or even injury. Overtraining is defined as excessive frequency, volume, or intensity of training, […]

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Staying in the Game: How to Prevent a Recurring Injury

Unfortunately, it happens to us gym-goers at some point in our lives, maybe even multiple times. Whether it is a result of not stretching well enough after a workout, or over exerting yourself lifting weights; many of us have experienced some type of injury, large or small, over the course of our active lives. Lucky […]

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