Staying in the Game: How to Prevent a Recurring Injury

Staying in the Game - How to Prevent a Recurring Injury

Unfortunately, it happens to us gym-goers at some point in our lives, maybe even multiple times. Whether it is a result of not stretching well enough after a workout, or over exerting yourself lifting weights; many of us have experienced some type of injury, large or small, over the course of our active lives. Lucky for us, there is a way to prohibit such injuries from happening to us more than once, if at all.

Yes, genetics plays a part in our biological makeup, but there are things we can change to reduce our risks. Obviously, the best window of time to rehab after an injury is immediately after it happens, but then what? This is where a regular exercise regimen comes into play. It is SO important to have a workout routine that will not only help strengthen and aid in range of motion of those joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, but also keep them from re-injuring.

I’ve had my fair share of knee injuries over the years, most of them recurring, and had I known more about the significance of a consistent workout routine as a teenager, I wouldn’t be dealing with the after effects of all of them today. The chance of my injuries happening in the first place could have been greatly reduced by a simple training program.

There are many factors that must be addressed in terms of planning the right training program to diminish any chance of injury:

  • Joint flexibility/tightness
  • Muscle weakness
  • Exercise intensity
  • Gradual progression
  • Modification
  • Variation
  • Monitoring ROM (Range of Motion) Extremes

The best way to incorporate all of these things into a preventative training program–get a trainer! It allows the focus to be on you and your needs, especially in pertinence to the above factors. A trainer will come up with a unique strength program tailored to your needs, and especially if you’ve had an injury and have undergone rehab. So, take it to the next step and have a trainer develop a lifelong program that will keep you from having any further issues!

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By Alissa Dresang, Elite Sports Club-West Brookfield Personal Trainer

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