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Five Tips To Prepare For Vacation

When we go on vacation, sometimes we lose track of our goals. Some indulging is good for the soul, but when it becomes too much we have a problem. Vacation is about relaxing and part of self-care. Not tracking what we consume while on vacation is typical because ‘we are on vacation!’. We then get […]

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The Truth About Dietary Myths: Fresh, Frozen, or Canned

Should we use canned fruits and vegetables? Aren’t fresh vegetables really the best you can use in cooking? For years we have been instructed to use fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, identifying them as the best for nutrition. Many times, the nutritional conversation outlines that fresh or frozen are the best for nutrients and […]

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What’s Your Healthy?

What constitutes being “healthy” carries a different meaning for everyone. For some, it’s a 3 mile run, strolling the farmers market or getting enough sleep. For others, it’s managing stress, spending time with friends and learning new things. Recently, an insurance company completed a national study with the help of Harris Interactive, polling Americans 25 […]

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