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Red Dot, Green Dot, Orange Dot, or Yellow?

While you might be eager for your child to progress from a low compression ball to a higher bouncing ball quickly, there’s quite a number of benefits from starting out on a red dot ball. We’ll explain why it’s still important to start slow before we advance our junior players to larger court sizes and […]

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Size Matters When Choosing Tennis Equipment for Kids

Are you looking for the perfect activity that will get your kid moving? How about a sport that will improve balance, agility and hand-eye coordination? Even better, what about a playtime that builds self-confidence and self-assurance? The game of tennis can do all of that and more.

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Youth Tennis Progression: How to Become a Top Junior Tennis Player

Progressing your child’s tennis game can be a daunting task. Elite Sports Clubs, through its decades leading Wisconsin junior tennis players to the top, has a suggested progression for your child. We provide two paths, one for the 10 and under tennis player and another for the 11 and over tennis player. Each path offers […]

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