Swim Lessons Guide for Parents

Swim Lessons Guide for Parents

Learning how to swim at a young age is important for so many reasons. Besides the safety aspect, basic swimming skills can give a child confidence, allow them to have fun and be active in the pool, and create a foundation for competitive swimming later on in life. If your child is just starting out or new to Elite, we have a guide to help you determine in which level of group swim lessons your child belongs.

What level should my child be in?

Elite’s group swim lessons program is broken up into 5 levels: Seahorse (Level 1), Starfish (Level 2), Seals, (Level 3), Dolphins (Level 4), and Swim Club. The levels are progressive: the higher the level, the more advanced swimming techniques/skills performed. In order for a child to enroll in a certain level, they must meet certain skill requirements as illustrated in the graph below.

Levels 1 & 2 focus on the basics, stressing comfortability in the water. Levels 3 & 4 dive into (no pun intended) more advanced abilities and learning various swimming strokes.

When a student graduates Level 4, they are eligible to participate in Swim Club, which gives kids a taste of what a competitive swim team is like. Here, the focus is on efficient stroke performance and endurance. Participants will enjoy the camaraderie of other swimmers in a fun, social environment.

Elite Sports Clubs Swim Lessons Guide

Download a printable version of the swim lessons guide.

If you’re ready to register for group swim lessons at Elite, you can register here.

If you’re still not quite sure in which level to enroll your child, feel free to talk to one of our swim instructors. We also regularly hold a Swim Evaluation Day, where we’ll assess your child’s swimming abilities for free. See our program guide for dates.

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