They say “habits last a life time.” But what happens if bad habits rub off on future generations? Establishing healthy habits for your own good may also set an example for the generations that follow you, leaving a legacy and foundation for your loved ones to live a higher quality of life.

Soup’s On!

Try cooking with your grandkids. As a grandparent with experience and tasty recipes to match, you have a phenomenal opportunity to offer some educational moments in the kitchen about nutrition and maybe even some of the sweet stuff. Aside from the high quality time spent, you can share some of your “secret recipes” so they can start a collection of their own. Quality time doesn’t get better than baking a loaf of bread or getting the most out of a day by playing card games while hovering around the slow cooker. They’ll develop a skill, and likely a good habit for life.

Green Thumbs Up!

You’re likely not to get an argument from a kid if they’re not only allowed to get messy, but encouraged to by spending a day learning and being active in the garden. Why not plan some time with your grandkids teaching them about planting food, the importance of eating vegetables, spending time in the outdoors, and how fun it can be to have a closer understanding of how food is produced? Sharing a day in the garden sets an important example of the powerful experience of hard work, fun in the sun, and patience and the satisfaction of eating healthy.

Lead by Example

The best way to pass along healthy habits to future generations is leading by example. Show them what it means to be active by participating in active play together. Whether that’s kicking a soccer ball around at the park, playing catch with a baseball, taking them to The Quad at River Glen, or going for a bike ride, you can show them how fun it is to play outside, rather than spending hours playing video games.

Knowledge is Power

While the kids are young, spending time reading to or with your grandkids lays the foundation of making reading an important part of their life. Reading to kids has been proven to have massive benefits to their brain development, and as they grow, your reading routine can constantly evolve into exploration of new subjects and routines. Begin by taking them on a trip to the local library and maybe gain some brownie points by visiting a local book shop to pick out your next read. Healthy habits don’t begin or end with diet and exercise. We need to feed our brains just as much, no matter our age. Establishing the importance of reading as a routine will serve your grandkids a lifetime of benefits.

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