You Can be an Introvert at a Social Gym

You Can be an Introvert at a Social Gym

Don’t feel you need to be in your basement or garage because you’re an introvert. The gym can be quite intimidating, especially for introverts or those of us who don’t like the possibility of interacting with people we don’t know. So, how do you get there if you’re dreading expending the energy and not just the physical kind? To start, don’t overthink it.

You Will Get Used to The Gym Environment

As an introvert, you will get accustomed to the gym. It will take time, and that duration of time is different for everyone, but you will realize that everyone is doing their own thing. There will be times you’ll make weird eye contact with people or have awkward interactions, but that is part of life in general! The gym is something you get used to. If interactions with people are something that really bothers you, then put on headphones to give a sign to others that you do not want to be bothered.

Locating machines that you can use in solitude can minimize attention. Since Elite does not get crowded often because of our exclusivity, there are multiple machines available that can be used separately from other people in the gym. If you are nervous about not knowing how to use the machines, then do research beforehand! There are many resources online to help you. (Read our blog post on “5 Substitutes for Crowded Fitness Center Machines“)

Introverts Can Still be Involved Members

We provide many amenities for our members. If you only want to use the cardio machines, then that is totally ok with us! If you want to take a class, but hang out in the back, that’s fine, too. We support our members in the way you want to be supported. We want our members to feel at home, so we will make sure you are comfortable. If you are an introvert and had problems with your gym in the past, then it is possible that particular gym was just a bad fit. It was the gym, not you. So, you should try switching to a gym that better fits your needs!

The Professionals You Find at a Gym are a Great Resource

Of course, there are the physical and mental benefits of a gym, but there are also a wealth of experts at your disposal. At Elite, there is an onsite physical therapy clinic if you were to get injured while working out. If you work out at home, you are at risk of injuring yourself with no one around. Not to mention all of the personal trainers at Elite are happy to help adjust your form or instruct you on how to use a particular machine. Often, the benefits of working out in a gym far outweigh working out at home alone.

To learn more about Elite and how we can fit into your lifestyle, schedule a tour today!

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