Keep Your Fitness Routine While On Vacation

Keep your fitness routine while on vacation!

We are creatures of habit and whether if it’s for vacation or business, at some point we leave the comfort of our personal daily routine. This could be a quick trip up north or on the other side of the country. No matter what kind of trip it is, our normal routine gets thrown out of whack. It is time to get a plan that you can take with on your next trip!

You can still maintain a fitness routine

Fitting exercise in your schedule while traveling is always a good idea to maintain your fitness routine. Before vacation, you should plan out time to work out and to keep fitness a priority. See if your hotel has its own fitness center. Or perhaps you prefer a cardio swim in the pool. Another idea is to find a hiking trail, which would be a great opportunity for sight-seeing and a work out. It largely depends where you’re going and what’s available to you. For more tips on how to find workouts outside of the gym, check out “Think Spring with Outdoor Fitness Routines”!

Being on vacation does not restrict what you can do

If you are with family or friends, let them know that you plan on working out while on vacation. Ask if they would like to join you! Having a friend to work out with is a great way to stay motivated. Even waking up an extra 20 minutes before everyone else to do a few squats or wall sits is another option. A light 30-minute jog around the block or on the beach can combine the enjoyment of being at another location with some cardio exercise. You are never restricted when it comes to fitness!

Set yourself up for fitness success

Always pack like a fitness pro. This will encourage you to work out and serve as a reminder to keep you active! Here is a list of packable items to have a successful workout while on vacation:

  • Tennis shoes
  • Water bottle
  • Work out shirts/tanks
  • Headphones
  • Small free weights
  • Resistance band
  • Workout pants
  • Workout socks for each workout outfit
  • Headbands and hair-ties for those with long hair
  • Athletic swimwear

There is no “one size fits all” packing list, but the items listed should at least give you an idea of what to pack. It is always important to have the right tools with you. Before packing, you should research what the weather will be and what fun activities you could do that can still count as exercise. Pack accordingly, but most importantly schedule out days and times when you can fit in a workout.

Did you know?

As a part of the IHRSA network, Elite Sports Clubs’ members can download the TrainAway app and get special discounts on gym day passes while you travel! See member services for an invitation code to get started. Learn more about the IHRSA Passport program.

If you have any advice on how to stay active while on vacation please comment below. We would love to hear about how you planned a fitness vacation!


  • Angela says:

    I have to pack my MYZone belt and my Fitbit; they both remind me to keep moving.

  • Anne Ballentine says:

    Plan an active vacation with hiking, skiing or lots of walking and fitness takes care of itself. I once had 24,000 steps on a long Colorado hike.