Staying Fit On-the-Go

Staying Fit On-the-Go

We get it. Getting a good workout in when you’re on the road is often easier said than done. But with a bit of creativity, you can stay fit on-the-go, wherever your work or travels may take you. Just find a few portable pieces of fitness gear, stash them in your trunk or suitcase, and voila, your very own custom fit kit.

Fit Kit Essentials

There are a few things that you simply can’t exercise without. So grab a bag and start stuffing it with these fit-on-the-go essentials:

  • Shoes & Socks – Keep your spare shoes and a pair of socks with you when you travel so you’re always prepared for an impromptu workout.
  • Top, Bottom & Sports Bra (for the ladies) – Sure you can take a leisurely walk in just about any attire, but if you’re serious about staying fit on-the-go, then it’s a great idea to keep the necessities stowed away, ready to use.
  • Water BottleHydration is important. Typically you can find a water fountain just about anywhere you roam. So, keeping one of these handy will save you time and money, preventing you from having to find somewhere to purchase a bottle of water.

If you typically pack some or all of these items, then you’re off to a great start! Now let’s look at some packable fitness equipment that’s light, takes up minimal space, and that can be used just about anywhere.

Fit On-the-Go Gear

Jump Rope – Very few exercises burn calories like jumping rope. Top that off with their compact size and minimal weight, and you’ve got the perfect workout companion for staying fit on-the-go.

Cayman Jump Rope will help you stay fit on-the-go

Photo: Cayman Rope

Resistance Bands – All you need is a doorway to turn resistance bands into a good workout for your shoulders, arms, or legs. Some sets even come conveniently packaged for travel.

Stay fit on-the-go with Black Mountain Stackable Resistance Bands

Photo: Black Mountain

Fit Deck Cards – For the true minimalist, Fit Deck Cards are the perfect workout companion to take with you on-the-go. You will simply be packing a deck of cards that will give you endless ideas of different bodyweight exercises you can literally do anywhere.

Be fit on-the-go with Fit Deck Cards

Photo: Fit Deck Cards

Collapsible Hula Hoop – True, hula hoops aren’t typically considered to be travel exercise equipment. But when they collapse small enough to tuck under your clothes in your suitcase, they can certainly add a little flair to your traveling fitness routine. Since we only live once, why not step outside of your comfort zone and give it a go?

Staying fit on-the-go with Canyon Hoops Collapsable Hula Hoop

Photo: Canyon Hoops

Monkii Bars – If you’re a fan of suspension training while you’re at home, there’s no reason that you can’t take your workout on-the-go. You can set up Monkii Bars in less than a minute. All you need is a door frame, a tree, or anything that will act as a strong support structure. Made specifically for people wanting to stay fit on-the-go, they come in a compact case made for traveling light.

If for some reason you forget to pack your fit kit or want to workout around people instead, you could also hit a local park for a playground workout. Better yet, you could visit a local gym. Elite Sports Clubs is a member of the IHRSA Passport program, which gives our members access to other clubs all over the world. With the Passport, guest fees are discounted by at least 50% for a minimum of one visit.


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