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Calming Anxiety with Meditation

If you are feeling tense, stressed, nervous, or restless, meditation is a great way to calm your mind. The following practices are two really easy tools that can help to ease your anxiety in the short-term, so that you can refocus your energy in a positive direction.

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Learn to Stop Emotional Eating

Ever had a bad day came home and indulged in too many cookies? Get a little stressed and reach for the tub of ice cream? Try to calm your nerves with a mouthful of anything? This is called emotional eating and most people have partaken in this event at some point in their life.

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Use Exercise to Reduce Stress

Who among us isn’t stressed in some way or another? As we go through life we experience many situations that can lead to either short or long-term stress. I’m not about to start naming them, but I can certainly give first hand testimony to that! Raise your hand if you agree… Okay, so how do […]

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