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What Muscles Are Used in Swimming?

Swimming is a great way to increase your muscular strength and endurance. More commonly viewed as a cardiovascular workout, swimming is still a great way to tone your muscles. You may be wondering what muscles it works. These are the muscles used in swimming.

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Swimming Drills to Learn Proper Technique

In the previous four posts in our series on “Learn Swimming Strokes,” we talked about each of the strokes’ most basic components. Even though we already went over how to perform each stroke, beginners still run into issues when learning to swim. Most errors in any stroke originate from incorrect body position. Body mechanics and […]

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Learn Swimming Strokes: Breaststroke

Last week I talked a lot about the importance of switching up your strokes to help keep your body in muscular balance. Swimming more than just freestyle will help prevent overuse injuries, correct your posture (or at least avoid “swimmer’s posture”), and help tone more muscles in your body. While I mentioned backstroke was the […]

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