Preparing for Life Outside the Club

Preparing for Life Outside the Club

Everyone has their own fitness goals, to improve mobility, weight loss, etc., but have you ever trained for something specific beyond the long-term benefits of exercise? What you train for in here helps you live your life to the fullest. Here are just some things one might prepare for their life outside the club.

Everyday Activities

The importance of functional exercise cannot be overstated. Working on your functional strength, balance, and flexibility in the gym will improve your mobility every day. As we age, it can become increasingly difficult to do basic movements such as getting out of bed, or even walking. However, if we focus on the muscle groups necessary to perform these actions, we’ll be able to function and live more independently.


Ready to venture into the great unknown? Ok, it doesn’t have to be a trek up Mt. Everest, but hiking requires a great deal of stamina and leg strength. Incorporating a “leg day” into your workout routine (exercises focusing on the muscle groups in your legs) will allow you to tackle those tough climbs. Cardio exercises, like running on the treadmill or taking a spin class, will give you a boost in your stamina.


Looking for a challenge? Running a marathon or participating in a triathlon will put your physical fitness to the test. These events require the most amount of preparation in the fitness center. Athletes also might need to seek the help of a nutrition coach to make sure they are properly fueling their body during training, and before and after their endurance event.


Learning how to swim isn’t just important for your safety, but also for the safety of others. It’s an important life skill to have. Lap swimming at the club is a great cardio workout, which can improve your heart health. It also works a number of muscle groups at once, such as arms, shoulders, core, and legs.

What activities do your workouts help you with outside the club? How does your hard work in the fitness center translate to everyday life? We want to hear about your successes in the comments section, or share your story for your own blog highlight!

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