Potential Places to Meet Clients Away From the Office

Potential Places to Meet Clients Away From the Office

Whether you work from home, need to entertain, or just want to get away from the office for a change of scenery, there are plenty of meeting places to choose from. Here are some potential choices where you can meet clients away from the office.

Coffee Shop

Coffee shops are probably the most common meeting places outside of the office. They’re open long hours, offer free WiFi, and you can get easy access to coffee and tea (popular choices for many business professionals). The downside is you may not be offered much privacy and noise might be an issue as well.


You can’t go wrong by taking your clients out to lunch or dinner! It’s an old-fashioned method, but it works. The familiarity you have with your client may determine the formality of the restaurant you choose. If you’ve done business with them before, a more relaxed setting will do. But if it’s a first-time meeting, you might want to choose a formal location. This is your opportunity to leave a lasting first impression.


Hotels usually have large conference rooms that suit any kind of business need, from a one-on-one meeting to a large convention. Depending on the hotel, you don’t necessarily have to be a guest either. Some spaces do cost a rental fee, but there are plenty of common areas as well, like the bar or restaurant.

Health Club

Impress your business partners and clients with the luxury of your private members’ club. Health clubs, like Elite Sports Clubs, have common areas with complimentary WiFi, such as lobbies and conference rooms, where you can conduct meetings.  You may also exercise the option (pun intended) to engage in “sweatworking,” the practice of working out together as you talk business.


Give yourselves a chance to get some fresh air! Meet in a public park or discuss business as you take a walk around town. You’ll get your fill of Vitamin D by soaking up some sun and getting a few extra steps on your pedometer. Your use of technology, however, will be limited.

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