Find Your Quiet Place

Find Your Quiet Place

Noise pollution is among many factors that can trigger your body’s stress response, which can negatively impact your health. If you deal with chronic stress, or just want to take some time to calm yourself, find a place without a lot of noise. Here are some possible locations where you can find your quiet place.

Health Problems from Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is often associated with large cities because of industrial sounds, airplanes, construction, etc. While those are common sources, noise pollution is actually any type of noise that distracts or disrupts normal functioning. This can occur on a much smaller scale as well: in your neighborhood, at your workplace, or even in your own home.

Frequent exposure to noise pollution can affect your sleep cycles, decrease productivity, and increase stress levels. High stress levels are linked to more serious health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke.

Where to Go for Peace and Quiet

How do we solve the noise pollution problem? By removing the negative stimuli, of course! Here are some suggestions where you can find some quiet time.

1. Outdoors

If you want to escape your talkative coworkers, kids yelling at their video games, or the rumbling dishwasher, there’s no place like the great outdoors to find some tranquility. As we mentioned before, being downtown in a city is not ideal, so you’ll want to seek out a park, nature preserve, or rural area – any place without a lot of activity. Some people might prefer dead silence, while others might find the sound of a stream or river soothing.

2. Yoga Class

Yoga is a great place to calm the mind as well as strengthen your body. Your instructor will take you through a series of asanas and breathing exercises often with soft, relaxing music playing in the background.

3. The Library

Perhaps the only public place where sound is discouraged is the library! Get lost in a good book without any distractions!

4. In Your Home

You can find a quiet place in your own home, just as long as there aren’t any distractions or loud noises. When the family’s out and you have the house to yourself, take a moment to enjoy the calmness. Brew a cup of coffee or tea and be mindful of the present. If your family is home and causing a lot of noise, the basement, garage, bedroom, or a soothing bubble bath can be viable options.

5. Steam Room

After you’re done with your workout, relax and rejuvenate in the steam room! Steam baths are known to relieve stress, muscle soreness, joint pain, sinus congestion, and more. Sit and meditate in the steam room while your body rids itself of toxins.

There are so many different places to find peace and quiet. Where do you go when things get too noisy? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Jeanne says:

    You should share this information with your fitness personnel as they definitely do not seem to be aware of it! The louder the music, the more you supposedly motivated seems to be the rule. The solution is no music/background noise at all. The people that care about music bring their own anyway !

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