Best Workouts for Limited Time

When trying to keep a routine going, there can be many things in the way. For most people, the biggest obstacle is time. It can be a challenge to find time to commit to full workout. However, remember that even if you only have 20 minutes, a lot can be done in that time. Here are some workout ideas for those with limited time.


Your warm-up is ALWAYS important. A good warm-up gets your body ready to move. This is especially important when you want to work out at a higher intensity for a shorter time period. Your goal is to increase your heart rate and prepare your muscles to work.

Limited Time Warm-ups:

  • Elliptical
  • Rowing
  • Jumping Jacks

Main Muscle Groups

Work your main muscles and multiple joints. Do exercises that will include both your chest and triceps, back and biceps, or quads and glutes. These movements will get the most muscles activated for strength and calorie burn.

Limited Time Muscle Workouts:

  • Dead lifts
  • Dips
  • Pull-ups

Cool Down

Take the time to let your body recover. Activities that bring your heart rate down will allow for a more comfortable recovery. Given the short amount of time, your workout should be done with the most effort  possible, making the cool down even more important.

Limited Time Cool Downs:

  • Foam rolling
  • Relaxing bike ride

As always, come see me if you need a new program or need help fitting exercise into your busy schedule!

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Curt Minter Personal Trainer at Elite Sports Clubs

Written by Curt Minter, Certified Personal Trainer at Elite Sports Club – North Shore and Elite Sports Club – River Glen.

Curt has a B.S. in Health and Human Performance from UW Platteville, is an American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and American Sports and Fitness Association Cycling Instructor. He specializes in Balance, Strength, Endurance, Weight Management, Fitness Event Preparation, Energizing and Enjoyable Fitness, and Health & Wellness Guidance. Curt lives by the philosophy of “Every Journey Starts With A Single Step.” – Lao Tze. And he believes that no matter where you are in your life it is never too late for a healthy start.

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