8 Quick And Clever Ways To Cool Down After Your Workout

8 Quick And Clever Ways To Cool Down After Your Workout

So you just worked out, and your body feels the heat of a thousand suns.


Lucky for you, we are here to help with 8 quick and clever ways to cool down after a workout! Because you deserve a cool treat after your intense physical activity.

1. Cool towel in the fridge or freezer

Gyms, like Elite, often have a fridge or a freezer for you to tuck your towel into. So, now while you work it out on the elliptical, there is a towel being chilled and patiently awaits the arrival of your hot body. Quick. Simple. Mess Free.

2. Popsicle

You just worked out. You deserve a treat! A popsicle is a quick snack you can grab on the go that is bound to cool you off. Plus, the water in the popsicle can hydrate while the sugars can help your body recover. Quick. Simple. Mess Free…unless you share it with this dog.

Maybe you can ask this lovely dog to join

3. Post Workout Shake/Smoothie

This is a fabulous option. Lots of post workout smoothies and shakes are loaded with the protein and sugar your body needs after a hard workout. Here are some easy and healthy recipes you can make at home for a good chilling treat. (Or grab one from your health club’s smoothie bar!) The banana peanut butter power one looks especially delicious. Quick. Simple. Unless you forget the lid on the blender….Mess Free.

4. Take a cold shower

Nothing feels better than jumping into mildly cold water after a workout. This not only feels good on your skin, but depending on how hard you worked out, this can reduce a little muscle inflammation and keep you from getting sore. BONUS: Ladies, washing a sports bra is no fun, but if you jump in the shower with your sports bra on you can hand wash it in cold water. Cold water also keeps your hair shiny and less tangly. Quick. Simple. Mess Free. & Fabulous.

T-Swift level hair flips await you

T-Swift level hair flips await you

5. Grab some ice

Feeling hot and sore? If the cold shower isn’t your route, you can always try icing. Put some ice in a plastic bag (a grocery bag usually works well) and fill it up with some ice and tie the top off. Let it sit wherever you feel sore OR if you are in a hurry, saran wrap it to your body like a college athlete. Quick. Simple. Mess Free.

This is an example of "icing"

This is an example of “icing”

6. Grab a glass of chocolate milk

Chocolate milk is one of the absolute best things you can have after a workout. Not only is it a nice cool drink to bring your body temp down, but it also has lots of good protein and sugar to help your body recover. Not to mention calcium and a whole list of other good vitamins and minerals. This is something lots of swimmers and runners do after long practices to help their bodies recover. Quick. Simple. Mess Free. & Delicious.

7. Chew a piece of peppermint gum

Or drink some peppermint tea. These products contain menthol which helps cool your body off. BONUS: a.) fresh breath, and b.) research has shown that if you live in a dry climate, drink the tea hot because your body will continue to sweat and then the sweat will evaporate which cools you. If you live in a humid climate, hello Wisconsin, drink the tea cold. The humidity will prevent evaporation from happening quick enough for the hot tea to work. Quick. Simple. Mess Free. & Fresh.

8. Stretch and cool down

That’s right! Just stretching or walking off a workout will help naturally bring your heart rate and body temperature down. This will also allow the lactic acid in your body, which you produce when you work out, to flush itself out of your blood stream. That way you don’t get as sore. Quick. Simple. Mess Free.


Don’t let the heat get you down. Get out there and work up a good sweat!

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