Winter Blues, Meet Platform Tennis


Wisconsin winter is almost here (shudder), which often means the beginning of indoor hibernation and the end of fresh air outdoor physical activity. For all you tennis aficionados out there, Elite Sports Clubs offers a unique solution to the indoor tennis winter blues – Platform Tennis. Learn about the sport and how you can start playing Platform Tennis in Milwaukee!

What is Platform Tennis?

Platform Tennis, a.k.a. “Paddle,” is the only racquet sport that one can enjoy outside even on a cold snowy Wisconsin day. How is this possible you ask? The whole court is enclosed by a 12 foot high screen made of 1-inch hexagonal galvanized wire – open at the top (ahhh crisp clean winter air!). Under the deck are heaters to melt snow through the grated deck.

Platform Tennis is a bit different than traditional tennis – it’s actually more of a tennis/racquetball hybrid. Both singles and doubles matches can be played in Platform Tennis, though doubles is the central form of play. There are a few differences between Platform Tennis and regular tennis:

  • A solid paddle rather than a strung racquet is used
  • Serves must be underhand and only one serve is allowed (except in singles). If the service is a fault, the server loses the point.
  • If the service touches the net cord and lands in the correct service court, the ball is in play.
  • If the ball in play or on the service hits the deck in the court and then touches any part of the back screen and/or side screen, the horizontal top, rails, or the snow boards, it is still in play so long as it does not bounce a second time before being hit.
  • The court, at 44 by 20 feet, is a bit smaller so there is greater emphasis on net play and it makes for a fast-paced reaction game.

So, this year, don’t let the snow and frigid temperatures keep you cooped up inside! You can still get physically active and social outdoors with Platform Tennis in Milwaukee!

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  • Jason B. says:

    Hello, with the potential increase in demand/use, has Elite thought of being able to reserve the courts for certain times? I know some groups play at the same time every week, but it would be nice to be able to reserve them for 2-hour blocks on the weekends so I could get a group together and not have to worry about them being used. Thanks.

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