Platform Tennis (Paddle) at Elite Sports Club-West Brookfield offers a fun fall, winter, and spring outdoor sport. Platform Tennis is an easy transition for any tennis and racquetball player. Court rental is readily available during non-league times and equipment is available to borrow.

New to Platform Tennis

Platform Tennis is a sport for all ages and athletic ability. Sometimes you will hear people refer to the game as “paddle.” Traditionally, Platform Tennis is a doubles sport played in the winter. The rules are a hybrid of tennis and racquetball. The court is a rectangle 44 feet long and 20 feet wide on a deck with a playing area 60 feet by 30 feet which is enclosed by a screen 12 feet high. The screen made of 1 inch hexagonal galvanized wire is held taut by a superstructure around the perimeter of the deck. Under the deck are heaters to melt snow through the grated deck.


The American Platform Tennis Association (APTA) the governing body of platform tennis, maintains the official rules of platform tennis. The rulebook contains the basics to start playing to the obscurity of the game. Read the official platform tennis rules.


  • Only one service is allowed (except in singles). If the service is a fault, the server loses the point.
  • If the service touches the net cord and lands in the correct service court, the ball is in play.
  • If a ball in play or on the service hits the deck in the proper court and then touches any part of the back or side screens, or both screens, or the horizontal top, rails, or the snow boards, it may be played, so long as it does not bounce on the deck a second time before being hit by the player.

Adult Leagues & Tournaments

Elite Sports Club-West Brookfield offers two sessions of leagues throughout the year. Lessons are advised for beginners to learn the sport of platform tennis. Intermediate and advanced players can benefit from sport-specific practice and strategy lessons.

Court Time & League Rates

Open Court Time is FREE!

Renting Open Court Time at Elite Sports Club – West Brookfield is easy. Members can book court time one week in advance for up to an hour and a half. Book your court time through the front desk.

League Rates

pricing is per person, for the October – April season


Lesson Rates

pricing is per person

30min Private…$40
60min Private…$75
60min Semi-Private…$40



Equipment rental is per court reservation, not per person. You are responsible for any damages, lost or stolen equipment.