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Recreational Music: Piano, Voice, and String lessons for Adults!

Does the thought of taking music lessons make you break into a sweat? Do you envision hours of practicing scales and arpeggios only to be tortured by a stone faced teacher who might smack your knuckles at the first wrong note?

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Why Dance? The Importance of Dance in Your Child’s Life

People sometimes ask me why I dance. My answer is simply, ”Why not?” My main motive is joy. The happiness that dance has provided me is not really something I can explain – it has to be felt. The benefits and opportunities dance has afforded me and many others, can do the same for you […]

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Is Your Child Ready for Piano Lessons?

“When will I know my child is ready for piano lessons?” is a question I often hear as a piano teacher. While every child is unique, there are four signs I look for in a child to determine if they are ready to take private piano lessons. If you are wondering if your student is […]

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