Recreational Music: Piano, Voice, and String lessons for Adults!

Recreational Music - Piano, Voice, and String lessons for Adults!

Does the thought of taking music lessons make you break into a sweat? Do you envision hours of practicing scales and arpeggios only to be tortured by a stone faced teacher who might smack your knuckles at the first wrong note?

STOP! RELAX! With Recreational Music Lessons, lessons can be a fun, relaxing, and rewarding experience. Here’s how one of my current adult students, Sarah, describes recreational piano lessons:

“As an adult, I have loved taking piano lessons with Ginger Lazovik. Piano is something I do for me without the pressure of a recital or performance. I do it for pure enjoyment. Piano practice helps to work the creative side of my brain, that I felt I had lost with the job of raising children. From making meals, organizing play dates, nap times, and more… I had lost time for myself! Playing the piano brings me a sense of accomplishment each week when I master a piece or section of a piece I love, and I feel great having done something creative and something just for me!”

What makes Recreational Music Lessons different?

  • FUN: Emphasis is on fun and enjoyment vs perfection and performance
  • REWARDING: Focus on playing beautiful music from the first lesson
  • RELAXED: Students learn from a supportive instructor that values your goals and personal experience

What will I gain from participating in Recreational Music Lessons?

  • heightened creativity
  • relaxed body and mind
  • improved mood and sense of accomplishment

Now picture this: playing music you love and music YOU choose with a smiling instructor who understands the challenges of your busy life and is happy to work with you and accommodate you. Your lesson is in a calm and relaxed environment. You feel a surge of creativity and pride as you make beautiful music and accomplish something you have always wanted to do. You have just imagined Recreational Music Making!!!

At Elite Sports Clubs, we are proud to offer Recreational Music lessons in Piano, Voice, and String instruments for Adults. Daytime hours are available. Contact Ginger Lazovik at to schedule a free “try it“ Adult Recreational music lesson today!

Have fun and MAKE MUSIC!

By Ginger Lazovik, Fine Arts Coordinator at Elite Sports Clubs