New Group Exercise Class Schedules

We’re constantly revamping our group exercise class schedule to offer our members new options and to make sure we are providing you with a variety of classes which support the ideal “cross-training” workout experience.

Research shows that total body conditioning involves a dynamic blend of strength and flexibility, balance and range of motion, as well as core and cardio movement styles.

Optimal fitness encompasses working out in ways in which we use “oppositional force” within exercise disciplines, or in back-to-back classes to achieve the ideal “cross-training” effect.

Varying your workouts and challenging the body in new ways is your best defense against repetitive stress Injuries or over-training…with the added benefit of improved recovery time and getting even more fit, FASTER!

Whenever we try to learn something new, we begin the process of laying new neural pathways in the brain which helps to support optimal brain function, and who doesn’t want that?!

We want to continue to support you in participating in your favorite classes and encourage you to check out our other locations to see if there is a class there that may meet your needs.

It is said that “variety is the spice of life,” so we ask that you spice and shake it up a little, consider stepping out of your usual routine and try something new!

Here are some helpful links to get you started with Group Exercise Classes:

Note: at Elite Sports Clubs, group exercise classes are included with your membership! So, stop in one (or a few!) and get fit while having fun doing it!

In good health!
Your Elite Sports Clubs Group Exercise Directors

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