Elite Instructor Highlight: Jill Jelinski

Elite Instructor Highlight - Jill Jelinski

We’d like to introduce Jill Jelinski for those of you who don’t already know her. She’s an instructor over at Elite Sports Club – West Brookfield and has been teaching group exercise classes for 30 years!! And 29 of those years have been at Elite!

Meet Jill Jelinski:

When I was in college I attended my first group exercise class and loved it so much I changed from a Business Major to a Health and Wellness Major so I could work in the fitness industry, both as a trainer and as a group ex instructor. I have been teaching classes ever since and love it as much today as I did way back in college. I currently teach Burn & Firm but through the years I have taught Body Pump, Spin, Step, Water Aerobics, Sculpt and the oh so popular High Impact Aerobics of the 80’s. 🙂

My favorite part about teaching is the interaction and friendships I have with my class participants. I enjoy seeing them each class and hearing their stories. It is also enjoyable to see the support and friendships that develop among the members. I am blessed by the people in all my classes each week, as they truly are an awesome group!

My favorite music to teach to is generally the Top 40 pop hits on the radio. The music has to be upbeat, fun and motivating.

My advice to anyone new in my class is just to keep moving and have fun! The first class is always the hardest to follow along but each class does get easier.

To stay active outside of group ex classes, I enjoy running and going for long walks. I also stay busy coaching middle school Cross Country and Track. My favorite thing to do in my free time is spend time with my family. My husband Andy and I have two kids, Emma, who is in Nursing school, and Matt, who is in 8th grade.

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  • I was a member at Elite when Jill asked me if I would be interested in teaching Step Aerobics! I have been teaching at the Elite Clubs since! Jill was my mentor! Jill is still one of my favorite instructors and a very special friend! I love Jill!

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